Bach Flower Remedies

Each of the 38 Bach remedies is associated with a human emotion and these properties are used as part of the healing process. Each remedy targets a specific characteristic or emotional state of being. The remedies can be used as a “short term quick fix” – such as crab apple for cleansing after a problematic day or being with someone who is stressful or emotional.

Taking the specific remedy can help alleviate the symptoms associated with a feeling – for example, taking mimulus if frightened or anxious. A remedy such as Honeysuckle can help if someone is living in the past, or larch if lacking in confidence.

These powerful, vibrational flower essences can be used in a preventative way or in response to a specific trigger or situation. They can be used in “one off “situations such as for exam nerves or for longer term support such as anxiety, tiredness, anger etc. When emotions are out of balance it can be more difficult to lead a happy and productive life or to attain holistic wellbeing and restore health, or even achieve small health goals. Bach Flower essences can be ideal for balancing emotions based on a person’s individual needs and in line with other health changes (such as diet, relaxation and exercise). Flower essences can also be tailored to aid with emotional journeys such as trauma, stressful work or home situations, bereavement, insecurities, anxiety etc.

The essences are natural and non-invasive and empowering for the person who uses them and can be used alongside other therapies offered.