“A system of health care which encourages and promotes the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms using an eclectic approach” (Langley 2015).

Naturopathic principles underpin all complementary therapies and is fundamental to all healing approaches that are holistic. These principles work within the remit that the body can heal itself with the right environment and that diet, exercise, lifestyle and emotional outlook can all combine to ensure restoring or maintaining health.

Naturopathy combines the principles that the body is self-healing, working on the principle that prevention is preferable to cure. Naturopathy is the foundation of ensuring that the body is seen holistically and that root causes are identified and that the WHOLE person is treated rather than one singular symptom. Naturopathy uses a variety of tools to consider the person is a unique person with different responses depending on the modality. Naturopathy, using differing modalities, is mindful that the body is intelligent and has the power to restore itself providing it is allowed to do so.

These principles of empowering clients and working individually underpins all the treatments offered to promote balance and homeostasis. The process of naturopathy ensures that assessment, clinical diagnosis, case taking and treatment employs methods to work with the body’s own healing power addressing the mind/body and spirit connection and works, towards long term restoration of health and wellbeing, whilst doing no harm.