Nutrition isn’t just about diet and what you eat or don’t eat. It is about how your body can optimise the nutrients within the food to ensure efficient absorption and an adequate nutrient supply to maintain everyday metabolism and homeostasis within the body. It is about maximising the energy processes within the body by supplying the right materials for all the complex and amazing processes that are occurring to keep the body alive, but also optimising the food choices made to restore health, prevent disease or maintain balance.

By obtaining a detailed case history and dietary details a realistic plan can be put in place to ensure all essential macro and micronutrients are obtained through the diet in line with the individuals physical and emotional needs as well as in line with family and work commitments. The nutritional plans are individually written in consultation and agreement with each client so that they are workable and achievable and cater for the holistic needs of the client and their particular circumstances. Working through a nutritional protocol ensures that the client is obtaining the nutrients required through a diverse range of foods specific to addressing the health issues or concerns they have, as well as encouraging long term realistic changes.

Nutritional therapy can be about a multitude of issues – it can be about losing weight, eliminating particular symptoms or checking that food choices are optimising health. Making informed nutritional choices can help to support the health of all the major systems of the body (cardiovascular, endocrine, skeletal, respiratory, digestive, nervous system, reproductive and integumentary) as well as making choices that help with physical performance, healthy blood sugar balances, optimising gastrointestinal health, tolerating specific food groups, as well as emotional and psychological wellbeing.